How to be awesome

AwesomeApparently all I have do to is be the first to post some a comment (no matter how inane or innocuous) on a video at a TwitVid. Dang! All these years I’ve been trying to be awesome by being clever, imaginative, hardworking, inventive, patient, insightful … and all I had to do was post to TwitVid.

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Enviro-marketing ridiculism

belkin“Enviro-marketing ridiculism” – It’s a new term I’ve coined to describe ridiculous marketing of goods under the environmentalism banner. Take this power saving device from Belkin that shuts off power after a pre-set time. In theory a good idea, but look at what their marketing photo shows plugged in to their timer … an electric toothbrush charger!! An electric toothbrush charger draws a massive 1 watt of power!!!!! (Yes – that’s one sole lone watt – I know this to be true, I just measured mine.)

It is quite possible that the timer itself draws more power than the toothbrush charger it is controlling! All in all, a classic case of enviro-marketing ridiculism.

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