Last week the music of the Beatles became available on iTunes. Yay! But while citizens of the U.S. pay $12.99 USD for a single album, we poor Aussie mugs have to pay $20.99 AUD for a single album, despite the fact that the US and Aussie dollars are pretty much at parity!

Once again, the music industry demonstrates its uncanny resemblance to a bloated, parasitic, blood sucking leech.

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The Colbert Report

Last week I discovered “The Colbert Report” on ABC2. Intelligent, incisive, laugh out loud political satire from the United States. The age of miracles has not passed. Colbert reminds me very much of Shaun Micallef (one of my favourite Australia comedians) – his humour, like Micallef’s often involves clever wordplay – one example from last week.

“I’m not one to make snap judgments… I think Crackle and Pop are equally guilty”

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