Perfection: Part 1

I’ve been thinking lately about how much our world over-emphasizes the idea of perfection – that everything has to be “just right” or its no good at all. My wife and I are watching in the next week how many times that idea of perfection crops up.

First example – Junior Masterchef last night, conveying the idea that cooking is all about achieving perfection.

Please share any examples you find.

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Futile thinking

I listened to half of a forum on the topic of “Morality and Mortality” on Late Night Live last night. I couldn’t finish listening to it as it was so depressing hearing four intelligent people speak so cluelessly and illogically on the subject of morality in the absence of a creator God. Here’s one particularly egregious example from Julian Burnside QC around the 24 minute mark …

“First of all I start with the proposition: Life has no particular purpose. I do not see it as being part of any grand plan, and so, you know, doing the best you can is a pretty important guiding principle.”

Hmmm. If life has no particular purpose, and is not part of any grand plan, then sitting on your butt doing nothing, or being an evil selfish bastard is surely an equally valid and logical “guiding principle” to hold to?

A classic example of the “futile thinking” that Romans 1:21 speaks of.

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Social network activism

Interesting article by Malcolm Gladwell about the strength and weaknesses of activism via social networking platforms (FaceBook/Twitter et al). I think he nails it in one sentence towards the end of his article:

“It makes it easier for activists to express themselves, and harder for that expression to have any impact.”

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