I may be an alien. Part 2

Reasons I suspect I may be an alien. Part 2.

T-Shirts with pockets. I like my T-Shirts with pockets, but when I go into a clothing store to buy a T-Shirt with a pocket there is nothing to be seen. I ask a retail assistant if they have any T-shirts with pockets and they look at me as if I had an extra head, or several slimy green tentacles protruding from my torso. After enduring the alien freak-out stare I get directed to the lowest shelf in the furthest corner, behind the discarded packing boxes where there is a grand choice of 2 white T-shirts with pockets in size SSSS or XXXXXXXL. So on to the next shop for another dose of the retail alien freak-out death stare.

I wonder what aliens put in their T-shirt pockets?

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