Moving forward

If I were elected to office …

I’d ban the use of the phrase “moving forward”. Honestly, what was Julia thinking using it 36 times in a 31 minute speech? Did nobody review it beforehand, or were they afraid of saying anything bad?

Vote for me and “moving forward” would be gone, banished to the lowest depths of perdition along with “working families” and “taxpayers’ dollars”. In fact what I’d do is implant a monitoring device into each politician that feeds all their utterances into supercomputer that monitors for excessive use of catchphrases, slogans or soundbites. Too many mentions of “moving forward” or “fullness of time” or “X has my full support” and the politician would be sin-binned, by being denied any contact with the media for 48hrs.

Good hey? Vote 1. Me.

Update 18 Jul 2010:  Listening to the radio today it seems that the Labor Party is thoroughly unrepentant over its blatant catchphrasitis. It seems to me that just as in Rugby League there are various scales of punishment, that in politics flagrant and persistent offenders (Melbourne Storm scale) should have their prime ministerships stripped from them.

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