Apple fail

Just got an iPhone (through work). Followed the instructions and connected it to my PC. Message saying that there was no SIM installed, please disconnect and insert a SIM card. But how? The ‘Getting started’ instructions don’t say anything. The iPhone screen doesn’t help me. The iTunes program doesn’t explain. Examining the phone there is no obvious spot to insert a SIM card. Googling it found me the answer – insert a paper clip through the little hole in the top to eject the tray. No big drama, but once again the idea that Apple products are intuitive and “just work” is exposed as a big fat con job.

Update 13 Feb 2015: To be fair, 5 years on and an upgrade later, I still have an iPhone and I really like it. But that doesn’t change the fact that my first interaction with an iPhone was exceedingly frustrating.

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