Forever Christmas

A big thumbs down to Big W who have put out Christmas trees for sale a full 3 months and 2 days before Christmas Day!

I hope all their stores and the offices of their heartless greed-obsessed upper management become infested with rancid maniacal grinches. I really do.

biggrinchywP.S. I quite like Christmas. But I like to celebrate Christmas …. well …  at Christmas time.

Just call me “Rocky”

rocklandNot by my choice, yesterday I found myself for the first (and hopefully last) time in a Starbucks cafe, where it was crowded, noisy, a little bit grotty, and where the beverage I consumed fully lived up to my expectations of overpriced ordinariness.  The only upside to the visit was a moment of comic relief in discovering that the service staff had noted my name down as “Rockland”.

Just call me “Rocky” for short.

Gender imbalance in sports reporting

My son had a school assignment on gender imbalance in sports reporting. He had to watch a sports report segment on TV and count up how much time was spent on reporting men’s sports as compared to women’s sport.  He watched 30 minutes of Fox Sports News, and while I was expecting a significant imbalance, the results were somewhat gobsmacking. The final tally:  26 stories on men’s sport, 0 on women’s sport.

In the light of that, can I suggest an updated and more honest version of Fox’s advertisements that currently proclaim “We’re a FoxSporting Nation” …