The owls are back

For the third owlsnestspring in a row, we have tawny frogmouth owls nesting in the gum tree in our back yard.

The nest is in such a high branch that it is impossible to get a decent picture with the camera equipment I have, but in this picture you can just make out the tail of the owl sticking out above the branch where the nest is.

Failed to boot up

shoefailNo, not a computer problem, but a footwear fail. After waxing lyrical back in December 2011 when I managed to buy a new pair of Hi-Tec Altitude hiking boots to replace my former pair that had lasted 10 years of pretty regular use, I was somewhat astonished to find this week that my new pair, being less than 2 years old, the sole of one of the boots has completely detached.

I rang Kangaroo Tent City where I bought the boots, and they were utterly useless. Yes I know the warranty is only 12 months, but for a $150 pair of boots to fail in this manner in less than 2 years is completely unreasonable.

The next step is to contact the manufacturer Hi-Tec, to see what they have to say about the matter.

UPDATE: 20th Oct 2013
Without going into all the ins and outs of it, the Australian distributor of Hi-Tec boots was able to sort the situation out to my satisfaction.

Gemini iKey M3+ problem in mono mode

ikeym3I have a Gemini iKey M3+ digital recorder, which I’ve been pretty happy with. But I’ve just discovered a nasty little ‘gotcha’ in its operation.

If you switch the recorder to mono mode, but have a stereo line input cable plugged in, the device will only record the signal on the Right channel of the cable. That’s fine.

The ‘gotcha’ however, is that if you  have a signal plugged in on the Left channel (but nothing on the Right), the level meter shows that you have a signal but nothing will be recorded, as the device will be recording the unconnected right channel.